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Please allow me to introduce the Capuchin World. I was married to my lovely wife on May 10th 20. Through the years the Lord has blessed us with the best two kids that a man and woman could be given. I am a pastor and will soon be opening a new ministry over here. I graduated from seminary in 1998 and have been in the ministry ever since. baby capuchin monkey for sale

I have three great loves in my life: My Savior, my family and Monkeys! Thanks for taking a moment to acquaint yourself with the Prestigious. We would be glad to share with you our knowledge of this incredible breed. More importantly, we would be honored to share with you how you could know for sure that you are going to heaven when you die.

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baby capuchin monkey for sale

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We will get your monkey hooked up with a top notch pet courier for delivery. You can receive your pup same day, next day or in 72 hours depending on your location. Express delivery negotiation is available as well.



We strive to beat the big box prices by bringing to you our Monkeys at the most affordable prices you can find. We endeavor to make our puppies available to all class of individuals and homes. We don’t let price come between Pet lovers and monkeys.



We embark to ensure that all our monkeys are healthy and strong by having them vet-checked regularly, registered and are housebroken. We also strive to create an environment where customer’s satisfaction matters most


Let us help you find your next baby capuchin monkey, but before doing, let’s make sure that you’re ready for this lifelong commitment. Baby Capuchin Monkey for sale are unpredictable, expensive, destructive, and require a lot of care and attention. They’re social animals that can live up to 45 years, so if you’re not home all the time, you’ll need to buy a companion monkey. While you can travel with your monkey when they’re just a baby, that will no longer be possible once they get older since it is near impossible to find a monkey sitter. It can also be very challenging to find a vet in your area willing to handle your capuchins. In many cases, expect to drive up to 4 hours to find a vet that specializes in primate care.
So why would anybody still want a baby capuchin monkey after reading all this? Because capuchins are one of the most intriguing primate species. They’re very intelligent and love playing for hours. While they can be mischievous, they’re smart enough to know when they did something wrong and will gladly trade a cuddle to get away with whatever they just did. Before searching for capuchin monkeys for sale, make sure to do plenty of research.

baby capuchin monkey for sale

Top Monkey Facts Monkey

There are 264 known Monkey species. The smallest Monkeys are about 6 inches long and 4 ounces. The largest ones can be up to 3 feet long and weigh up to 77 pounds. More Facts about Monkeys … The future is uncertain for many different species of Monkeys. The combination of their habitat being taken down and loss of food have taking a profound toll on their populations. Hunting by humans and even them being kept as exotic pets have also resulted in many young being removed from their natural habitat.

There are locations where Monkeys are killed because they seem to be a nuisance. Villagers kill them so that the Monkeys won’t eat the crops they have planted. They also consume the meat from the Monkeys in many areas. The intelligence of Monkeys has allowed them to be trained as service animals for the elderly and disabled. They have also been part of elaborate training programs such as going to outer space.

Controversy has also stemmed over these primates being used in laboratory experiments. Even with strong conservation efforts in place there is still no way of knowing if many of the different species will have the help they need for ultimate survival. Monkeys do seem to do well in captivity though. This is why they are part of many zoos and conservation locations. People come to see such attractions as monkeys can be very entertaining. Breeding programs are also part of the conservation efforts. This is to help many of the species get their populations to increase. Hopefully many of them can one day be released successfully back into the wild. Buy pet monkeys for sale from the best monkey breeders near you.